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Babiology Surrogacy & Egg Donation

17 SEP 2018
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Dear Potential Donors

Learn about the egg donation process, how to become an egg donor with Babiology, and see how your actions can forever change the lives of intended parents.

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Are you contemplating about donating your valuable eggs but worried about the possible side effects of IVF stimulation and hesitating in moving forward?

Let us share with you that: women are born with roughly two million eggs (also called oocytes) in total at birth. By the time puberty hits, the total count of oocyte remaining in one’s ovaries has already decrease to about 400,000. Throughout puberty to menopause, only approximately 400-500 oocytes will ever reach maturity and be released from the ovaries by the process of ovulation. All the rest will simply vanish by a process of attrition.

One can offer these oocytes by way of maturing them via IVF process and donate to other women who suffer from infertility without jeopardizing one's own ability to become pregnant thereafter. Also, if you are ever concerned about whether IVF process might lead to ovarian cancer later in your life, American Society for Reproductive Medicine states “Although initial reports suggested that women who use fertility drugs have an increased risk for ovarian cancer, numerous recent studies support the conclusion that fertility drugs are not linked to ovarian cancer.”

There are different types of Egg Donor stimulation protocols. With the appropriate stimulation protocol, oocyte donation process can be effective while at the same time minimizing the side effects from using stimulation medications.

Egg Donor

● Between 21-30 years of age
● Have regular monthly periods
● No reproductive disorders or abnormalities
● Physically and emotionally healthy
● BMI under 28
● Non-Nicotine user, Non-smoker, Non-drug user
● Not currently on any hormonal contraceptive pills, shots or arm implant
● Willing to undergo medical and psychological evaluation
● Willing to take injectable medication
● Willing and able to respond to communication within 24 hours from Babiology and clinic staff
● Willing and able to travel for donation process if necessary
● International Students are welcomed
● Excited about the process of helping to build a family

Extra Monetary Benefits to be an Oocyte Donor

- Sign up and medical screening bonus
- Matching Fee
- Paid Travel expenses, lost wages and childcare
- Miscellaneous expenses once start cycle (on top of base compensation)

Total up to $1500 or even more

Base Compensation

- 1st time Oocyte donor Up to $ 15,000
- experienced Oocyte donor Up to $ 22,000


If you bring in a qualified Oocyte donor candidate to join our donor team, you will deserve a up to $1500 referral fee.